2017 featured artist - Joe Mahley

Ladies and Gentleman - We would like to introduce our 2017 Via Colori featured artist! Joe Mahley is a seasoned artist who travels all over the country to participate in multiple street painting festivals! His work consistently showcases not just his extraordinary talent but also his passion for his medium. He has been actively involved with Via and firmly supports our cause of helping foster children.

In addition to being an amazing street painting artist, Joe is a talented photographer. Joe says "In addition to photography, I draw and paint. I love drawing from photos, often including dance, flowing fabrics, and graceful poses. Working from a photograph allows detailed, classic academic style pieces. Applying a sense of motion and complex contrasts gives the images depth and life."
Joe may hail from New York, but he has settled in Kentucky. He currently resides in Louisville with his wife and family. We are so. honored to introduce you to Joe as our featured artist for 2017. See you in October!

Via Colori is a celebration of art in order to raise awareness for the children of our community. Over 100 artists from across the country and around the globe come together each year to create large scale chalk paintings directly on the street.

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Via Colori Kentucky Street Painting Festival in Louisville. 

Via Colori Kentucky - A two-day street painting festival on the waterfront in Louisville with artists,  music, theater, cosplay, food, vendor booths, and more.

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