Via Colori Kentucky Street Painting Festival in Louisville. 

Via Colori Kentucky - A two-day street painting festival on the waterfront in Louisville with artists,  music, theater, cosplay, food, vendor booths, and more.

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We will have live music and performances going all day both days on multiple stages and we need acts to fill out theses spots.

 Please help us support these children. We are seeking donations to ensure that this festival happens this year and many years to come.



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Ever wanted to meet your favorite superhero or cartoon character as a child? Our cosplay guests give everyone that chance!

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Be a hero to a local child. Please help us in our endeavor to support these children. We are seeking volunteers to help out in a variety of positions.

Our festival has drawn crowds of 10,000 attendees or more and we are only expecting to grow. Sign up for a retail, food or nonprofit booth today!

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Whether you are a professional artist, hobbyist, or art student, we want you to come paint on our streets!