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FOR RELEASE: Feb. 2, 2017
CONTACT: Dusty June Siravo, 502-338-3640

Louisville, Ky.— The event coordinator for Via Colori®, the street painting festival which has drawn thousands of visitors to downtown Elizabethtown over the years, announced today Louisville has been selected as the event’s new host city.

The announcement comes with notes of other changes, too, specifically the month in which the festival will be held and its duration. The event will be held in October instead of September and will take place over two days instead of one.

Via Colori 2017 is set to be held Oct. 21-22 at Big Four Lawn at Waterfront Park. Hours have not been set.

Event coordinator Dusty June Siravo cited Louisville’s “consistent support of the arts and community” as the reason the city was chosen to host the festival in its tenth year.
“The venue change is happening because there are over 8,000 kids in out-of-home care in Kentucky, and this expansion, with the enthusiastic support of the Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation, will allow New Beginnings Foundation to raise not just money but awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents,” Siravo said.
Via is hosted by New Beginnings Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3).  New Beginnings Foundation supports New Beginnings Family Services which provides therapeutic foster care and medically fragile care to children in the custody of the state and displaced from their biological families.

Since 2010, Via Colori has been held in Elizabethtown. Prior to that, the festival was held in Bardstown.

During Via Colori, artists paint the streets, creating works of art right before the eyes of visitors. In the past three years, Via Colori expanded to include live music, food vendors, cosplayers, and superheroes, among other attractions.
“To celebrate Via's 10th year, this move will embrace the love Louisville has for the arts while helping children across the state,” Siravo said.


FOR RELEASE: Feb. 2, 2017
CONTACT: Dusty June Siravo, 502-338-3640

As part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of Via Colori®, regional cosplay group Ohio River Valley Cosplayers (ORCs) have committed to overseeing a greatly expanded cosplay component of the festival. Pairing folks dressed as superheroes, princesses, space villains and other pop culture favorites with a street painting festival may seem odd at first, but in fact, cosplay provides a vital and unique element to the festival.

ORCs founder Ryan Gastinger explains it this way: “Cosplay is important to Via Colori as it not only gives people a way to empower themselves by coming as their favorite character but it also gives everyone a way to relate to each other. We as the Ohio River Valley Cosplayers can relate to this on a personal level as we view each other as a family and want to contribute as much of that feeling to Via Colori as much as possible. To be able to enlighten someone's day or make a child smile is as important as a helping collect donation.”

Like many costumed organizations, the ORCs, with 
membership nearing 1000, are eager to pitch in whenever and wherever a costumed character can lend a hand. How does someone use their costume in the service of a good cause? Well, one of the easiest ways is simply to be present at an event and let fans, young and old, stop by to say, "Hi," and take a few photos. Said ORCs member Heather Fleming, who attended VIA Colori 2016 dressed as Princess Leia, “It was my first time wearing the costume to an event like this, and I was so surprised by how many kids would squeal with excitement when they saw me - well when they saw “Princess Leia”. Lots of the parents told me how excited their kids were to be able to meet their favorite characters, and it was so cool to be part of that, to get to talk to the kids and give them that happiness”

Another way the ORCs help is by setting up 
easy costume and prop crafting stations for kids attending the festival. The kids get to sit down and make a simple mask or other projects with their favorite characters. It’s a great way to introduce some new activities to the kids, and they get to take home a cool project they made with Pikachu.

Planning is already underway and the ORCs are eager to return to this awesome festival. “At VIA Colori, we are celebrating superheroes and I can't think of better heroes than the foster kids we are celebrating that day! To see their faces and smiles!! It is the most awesome feeling in the world!!” said ORCs member Stacy Humphreys.

To get involved, contact the Ohio River ValleyCosplayers through their facebook page or through

Budget Car Sales presents Via Colori 2017!

FOR REALEASE: April 24, 2017

CONTACT: Dusty June Siravo, 502-338-3640

As Via Colori, one of Kentucky’s most unique and innovative art 
festivals, prepares for its move to Louisville Waterfront Park, more and more exciting news rolls in. It’s with great pleasure that Via Colori announces its partnership with well-known local Car Dealer Tony Malito. Mr. Malito says “"What I like most of Via is that so many people are able to come together in a uniquely beautiful way to help these children.”

We were able to find out a little more about Mr. Malito’s involvement with Via Colori through his associate, Lou Ramirez.In 
fact, it was Lou who brought Via Colori to Tony’s attention in 2014. Lou says “Tony was made aware of my involvement in Via Colori 2014 while explaining the need to have off that Saturday as Opfor was given a platform for the first time at the festival. This gave me a chance to explain true purpose of the event in the community.”

Though Budget for the People, owned by Mr. Malito, will be the presenting sponsor of the 2017 Via Colori, it won’t be the first time they have helped support the festival. Mr. Malito has actively supported Via Colori and its beneficiary New Beginnings Foundation since 2014. He says “The real heroes are the families that 
take in the children in need, we do the easy part, and they are the ones saving lives."

Via Colori attendees may get to run into Mr. Malito during the festival this year, as he will be attending the event. They should not, however, expect to see him painting, but he just might let his face get painted.

Though he is a fan of Via Colori in its own right, Mr. Malito’s “primary motivation is helping the children in need that this event will be raising resources and awareness for” and he hopes that his sponsorship and attendance will “encourage other businesses to get involved with local outreach projects that funnel resources to those truly in need, and hopes that this event succeeds at bringing a smile of inspiration to many.”

We hope that you will all join us at the 2017 Via Colori festival, which marks the tenth anniversary of the festival. With the move to Louisville, the event promises to be the largest yet, as the relocation will allow the event to expand considerably, offering space for more street painters, 
vendors, and costumed entertainers.

Swing by their page and gives them 

Dettman and Associates sponsor Children's section

FOR RELEASE: April 25, 2017

CONTACT: Dusty June Siravo, 502-338-3640

We wanted to take a moment to announce the Dettman and Associates is now one of our headlining Via Bambini sponsors!!! This is our children's section which will feature games, chalk painting, raffles, workshops, #502rocks and so much more!!!

Dettman and Associates are premier Louisville Injury Lawyers that are ready to help those who have suffered as a result of an auto crash, motorcycle crash, truck crash, wrongful death, 
slip and fall, or other personal injury matter. Consultations are free!! Check them out! We are excited to welcome them to the Via family for 2017!


Superheroes are found in all walks of life. YOU are ou superheroes. Thanks to your continued support, Via Colori® is growing to help more foster children find homes! With over 8000 kids in out of home care in Kentucky, this is a vital need that shouldn’t be ignored. In 2016, our mantra was the quote from Matisse “Creativity takes Courage.” Courage and compassion are at the core of our event. 

New Beginnings Foundation is proud and excited to announce that the Annual Via Colori street painting festival, for its 10th year Kentucky anniversary, will take place on Saturday, October 21, 2017, and Sunday, October 22, 2017, on the Big Four Lawn at Waterfront Park in Louisville! This event has grown so much that we need two whole days to showcase the pure awesome that is Via Colori Kentucky. 

Without your support of our mission to help children with this quirky art festival, this expansion would not be possible. We want to offer a sincere thank you to the City of Elizabethtown for accommodating this event over the last couple of years. We truly want to thank our community partners, sponsors, volunteers and friends that have helped us achieve such great success since we took the event over in 2013. We also want to thank the Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation for their enthusiastic support of our 2017 move and expansion. 



Via Colori Kentucky Street Painting Festival in Louisville. 

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