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Via Colori Kentucky Street Painting Festival in Louisville. 

Via Colori Kentucky - A two-day street painting festival on the waterfront in Louisville with artists,  music, theater, cosplay, food, vendor booths, and more.

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Artist Rules

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Via Colori artist! Here are some things you should know before signing up to be an artist!

  1. There is no cost to paint at Via Colori – However, our goal is to raise money for our foster children. We are hoping and asking that our artists will help us find square sponsors. This is especially important because chalk costs have gone up and we do not want to have to start charging for chalk. Sponsoring a square not only supports you as an artist, it supports our foster children and is tax deductible. Businesses, relatives, schools and church groups are great places to start when thinking about asking about a sponsorship!
  2. Square sponsorship prices are 10x10 - $500; 6x6 - $250; 4x4 - $100 .
  3. Artists will be provided breakfast and lunch as well as a t-shirt. There will be one of each assigned to each square. If you would like to purchase additional t-shirts for a charge of $10 each, please let us know your t-shirt size when you sign up. We can invoice you for the shirts prior to the event.
  4. We are shaking up a few things this year. Instead of providing you with a framed sign stating who the sponsor is, we are asking that our artists paint their sponsor logo on the ground next to their painting. The measurements for the logo will be 1x1. If you don’t have your own sponsor beforehand, we will supply you with a logo 2 weeks prior to Via by mail when we send out our artist tips and tricks.
  5. Artists will be invited to attend a catered artist reception and will be able to check in for their squares early.
  6. Artists who are sponsored and who have a 10x10 square may start painting early and be allowed to check in for their square assignment the night of the reception. All other squares can be started on Saturday Morning.
  7. To help ensure all squares get painted artists will be asked to check in NO LATER than 10 a.m. Saturday, October 21, 2017. If you are not checked in by this time, your square will be reassigned. We apologize for this, but we have to make sure that we have all squares assigned.
  8. Artists will be given chalk, hairspray for sealing their painting, baby wipes, water and baby socks. There will be SOME extra chalk on hand. However, if you need more, we order some of our chalk from Dick Blick. There will be no tempera paint allowed. Artists will only be allowed to use the soft pastel chalk to complete their painting.

2016 chalk is SOHO Urban Artist soft pastels.

Once again – we thank you for all that you do!!! Without you, this event would not be possible! See you in October!