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Sign up to become an Artist, Youth Artist, Volunteer, Entertainer, Vendor or Guest. Via Colori ® celebrates the super hero in all of us! Whether we save the world through art, music or just a smile, we are saving someone. Join us for this free, family friendly event so you can #BeAHero to someone small who just needs to know that they are worthy of love. 

Could you be a foster parent?


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
- Vincent Van Gogh

Superheroes are found in all walks of life. YOU are our superheroes. Thanks to your continued support, Via Colori® is growing to help more foster children find homes! With over 8000 kids in out of home care in Kentucky, this is a vital need that shouldn’t be ignored. In 2016, our mantra was the quote from Matisse “Creativity takes Courage.” Courage and compassion are at the core of our event. 

New Beginnings Foundation is proud and excited to announce that the Annual Via Colori street painting festival, for its 10th year Kentucky anniversary, will take place on Saturday, October 21, 2017, and Sunday, October 22, 2017, on the Big Four Lawn at Waterfront Park in Louisville! This event has grown so much that we need two whole days to showcase the pure awesome that is Via Colori Kentucky. 

Without your support of our mission to help children with this quirky art festival, this expansion would not be possible. We want to offer a sincere thank you to the City of Elizabethtown for accommodating this event over the last couple of years. We truly want to thank our community partners, sponsors, volunteers and friends that have helped us achieve such great success since we took the event over in 2013. We also want to thank the Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation for their enthusiastic support of our 2017 move and expansion. 

Big changes are coming...



Via Colori Kentucky Street Painting Festival in Louisville. 

Via Colori Kentucky - A two-day street painting festival on the waterfront in Louisville with artists,  music, theater, cosplay, food, vendor booths, and more.


Via Colori is a festival in which hundreds of artists, community organizations, vendors and partners come together to host the most creative festival in Kentucky. Attractions include Street Painting, Live Music, Vendor booths, Kids' Zone with Bounce House, Superhero Visits,  Food Court, Cosplay Guests an more!

Check back often for updates on guest lineups and event schedules.

Artist sponsorships directly benefit foster children! Sponsorship is a chance to support the important work of New Beginnings Foundation. Without strong comunity support, New Beginnings would not be able to offer the wide range of services that suppor the social and emotional well-being of the special children we serve.

 Children who enter therapeutic foster care bring with them special needs, most importantly, the need for a stable family life. These children, infants to age 18, are often the victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment. As a result, they may suffer from emotional, behavioral or developmental problems.Through the services of New Beginnings, families can acquire the training and assistance to enrich the life of a child, and children can receive the support they need. Click here to learn more.